SMART® Licensing & Permitting Solutions

The SMART® Licensing and Permitting Solution serves as a central point of access to government staff and customers for the registration, renewal, review and approval of professional and business licenses and permits.

The SMART® Licensing and Permitting Solution is built on our tested and proven solution builder, SMART® ICE (Intelligent Configuration Environment), which is the most advanced and scalable solution development platform and best suited to build, support and maintain any modern digital transformation solution.

The solution is delivered by configuring business workflows and processes required for the professional and business licenses and permits.

Key Functions and Features:

  • A single, centralized system for license and permit application submission and processing
  • Feature rich agent portal to enable the staff to perform their business function effectively and efficiently
  • Dynamic license and permit template library
  • Role based views, navigation and data access
  • Robust, user-friendly and modern customer self-service portal
  • Real-time and batch mode access to data
  • Adaptable and dynamic
  • Business process driven

Business Value:

  • Solution delivered through configuration and not customization
  • Straight-forward and quick-to-deploy
  • Enhanced user experience
  • Quick user adoption
  • Enhanced adaptability to changes, both technology and business related
  • Ease of support and maintenance